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    i cannot not reblog this when its on my dash, its like the most perfect picture ever and i just can’t even deal

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  6. technologic

    We shouldn’t even care about phones. We should glas in their beauty ones every few days,

    But what should really take our breath is love. The way light reflects on a raindrop stuck on a window or a spiders web.

    We should care more about science than we should about apps. But we all know that.

    But how do we?

    Maybe we all secretly wish we were our grandparents who we fear had a better life without technology.

    Or maybe we can learn to have the best of both worlds.


  7. write drunk edit sober

    Positivity and negativity

    It feels like an ongoing challenge in my life that whenever I give thought to makes me feel more guilty than hopeful. Usually because negativitly is apart of who I am. I complain a lot. I repeat bitterness tomyself because of some weird pleasure it gives me.

    Its hard to change tour actual thoughts not because of lack of want but because of forgetfulness

    And then the bad feeling of forgetting links with the guilt and thinking about it all together becomes a negative thought.

    Just like in meditation, they say everytime u catch yourself thinking, congratulat yourself instead of being angry at yourself. Its hard to even put yourself in that other side of the thought. Jus tlike when u want to believe conspiracy theories.

    Seeing the other side of something is the hardest thing to do. Weather it be educationg yourself on another side of a theory, or understanding someone elses side of the argument, or realizing that you are too hard on yourself than you should be. But the rewards are as good as the challenge is hard. 

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    this is honestly one of the most satisfying things i’ve ever seen

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    avocado on toast. heaven.

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    has to have this on my blog hahah

    took me a minute.

    reblogging this for reasons….


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